Telephone Information

If you're looking for help with a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone, go to our Internet Phones & Printers page.

Tenth and Home (Family Housing) Provided Services

The Department of Housing provides local telephone service within the Tenth and HomeFaceplate
(Family Housing) apartments only. All other housing residence halls do not have phone service, but residents can have a private line installed from AT&T. See “Private Telephone Line” instructions at the bottom of this page.

Jack Location / Size

The data and telephone jacks in each room are identical in size. Connecting a computer to the telephone jack will render all phones with that phone number inoperable. To resolve, disconnect all computers in the apartment or room and wait a few minutes for the phone service to recover. The voice jack is usually on top or to the left of the data jack and is often noted by a white phone icon, as seen here, or the word “voice.” The data jack is usually located at the bottom or right of the voice jack and is noted with a yellow computer icon or the word “data.”

Telephone Usage

Simply dial "9" followed by the 10 digit local number you wish to call. Toll free calls are made by dialing a "9" followed by "1" and then the 10 digit toll-free number.

On campus numbers (beginning with 206-, 894- and 385-) can be dialed using just the last 5 digits of the phone number. Example: ResNet, 404-894-0044, may be reached by dialing 4-0044.

Phone Number

You may call the ResNet office (4-0044) or any phone with caller ID and
we'll tell you what your phone number is.

Long Distance Services

You must obtain a calling card or some other third party billing service with a toll free or local access number to make long distance calls. ResNet does not offer any long distance services.


All telephone lines have Caller ID Deluxe*, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling and Call
*A Caller ID capable phone is required for this feature.
Call Forwarding is included with each residential phone line. To forward calls, dial *74,
wait for dial tone, 9, then the 10-digit number where you wish to receive incoming calls.
To turn off Call Forwarding, dial #74

All other Residence Hall Phone Services

Private Telephone Line

Any private telephone lines must be contracted directly through AT&T. The resident (ordering the service) will be responsible for all installation fees, monthly service charges and any long distance charges associated with your private line. You can order online from AT&T at When placing your order please use your residence hall street address as listed on Department of Housing residence hall listing The Zipcode for all residence halls is 30313 except for Eighth St Apts, Crecine Apts, and GLC which are 30318.

Changing a voicemail password (Faculty/Staff only)

To change the voicemail password after the password has been reset by OIT Telecom, please do the following:

  • Contact the Information Technology Group (ITG) help desk by phone at 5-5555
  • Alternatively, email the ITG help desk at